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Lift Pass / Ski Hire / Lessons

piste map

On the left is the piste map showing the locations of the runs and the 8 chairlifts, gondola lift and 6 drag lifts. Please click on it to enlarge it. The ski area extends from the town (1000m) up to 2600m in altitude and there is a hug wide 16km long blue (easy/intermediate) run that connects these points.


Lift Pass Costs

We can pre book discounted 6 day lift passes to be ready in the chalet on your arrival. This will save you money and allow you to get straight onto the lifts on your first morning without queueing.

2 BGN = 1 Euro

Bansko Lift Passes (2022/23 season)Adult Student (13-19)Child (7 - 12)Child U7
1 day90 BGN80 BGN45 BGN1 BGN
2 days170 BGN155 BGN85 BGN2 BGN
3 days260 BGN235 BGN120 BGN3 BGN
6 days515 BGN465 BGN200 BGN6 BGN
Gondola ticket (return)40 BGN35 BGN25 BGN1 BGN

Ski/Snowboard Hire Rental Costs

We can pre book ski hire for your arrival at no extra cost. We have our own private ski shop and we bring in new high quality equipment every year. We HAND wax all our own equipment and take a lot of pride in what we offer. We will stay open late on the evening of your arrival to give you a PRIVATE fitting for your whole group. There will be no-one else in the shop so we can give you our full attention!

2 BGN = 1 Euro

Ski Rental Prices (2022/23 season)1 Day3 Days6 Days
Skis/Boots/Poles (adult)30 BGN82 BGN150 BGN
Skis/Poles 25 BGN70 BGN110 BGN
Skis/Boots/Poles (child U12)25 BGN70 BGN110 BGN
Skis/Poles (child U12)20 BGN56 BGN90 BGN
Advanced Skis/Boots 50 BGN120 BGN220 BGN
Advanced Skis45 BGN105 BGN180 BGN
Snowboard/Boots (adult)40 BGN100 BGN180 BGN
Snowboard (adult)35 BGN85 BGN140 BGN
Snowboard/Boots (child U12)36 BGN80 BGN140 BGN

 Ski & Snowboard Lessons

Our experience through the years has shown that any school in resort has good and bad instructors and ensuring quality can be a lottery. As such we now work with 4 different ski schools in resort and hand pick the best ENGLISH SPEAKING instructors (for whom we have received excellent feedback from our guests). You will get the benefit of our experience and our contacts to ensure that you are happy with your lessons. You can choose to book:

a) 1 on 1 lessons (which means that you get a private instructor to yourself) at 9am, 11am or 2pm.

b) private group lessons (which means that you get a private instructor for 2-6 people from your group) at 9am, 11am or 2pm. Each group has to have people of a similar ability.

c) mixed group lessons (where you will be taught together with other people from the resort with up to 12 people in a group) at 11am. Please note that although this is the cheapest option it’s not necessarily the best value as there can be a lot of waiting around.


2 BGN = 1 Euro

Private (group) lessons – 2 hours/day – Price/person

PRIVATE group lessons (2022/23) PRICE IS PER PERSON1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days6 Days
1 person (2 hours/day)180 BGN360 BGN540 BGN720 BGN900 BGN1080 BGN
2 people (2 hours/day)130 BGN260 BGN390 BGN520 BGN650 BGN780 BGN
3 - 6 people (2 hours/day)100 BGN190 BGN280 BGN370 BGN460 BGN550 BGN

Private (group) lessons – 4 hours/day – Price/person

PRIVATE group lessons (2022/23) -PRICE IS PER PERSON1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days6 Days
1 person (4 hours/day)340 BGN680 BGN1020 BGN1360 BGN1700 BGN2040 BGN
2 people (4 hours/day)230 BGN460 BGN690 BGN920 BGN1150 BGN1380 BGN
3 - 6 people (4 hours/day)180 BGN350 BGN520 BGN690 BGN860 BGN1030 BGN

Mixed group lessons – Price/person

MIXED group lessons (2022/23) PRICE IS PER PERSON1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days6 Days
2 hours/day - 11am start80 BGN140 BGN200 BGN250 BGN300 BGN 340 BGN
4hours/day - 11am-1pm and 2-4 pm124 BGN230 BGN320 BGN400 BGN470 BGN 530 BGN


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