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Summer tourism picking up in Bansko

The mayor of Bansko was pleased to announce in an interview (for Focus news agency) that the summer season in Bansko has been very successful. The town has mainly been visited by Bulgarian, Greek, and Serbian tourists.

All over Europe, Bansko is famous for great skiing, but few people living west of the Balkan Peninsula have actually had the chance to appreciate its potential as a summer tourism destination. In recent years local hoteliers, National Park authorities, and Bansko Municipality have put a joint effort in attracting tourists to come and enjoy Bansko ’s charm and beauty in summer.

And there are so many reasons why!

The old quarters have kept the unique spirit and culture of this place with charming cobbled streets, and beautiful old houses behind thick stone walls and wooden gates (left from the 18th century, the times where bandits would attack rich people’s houses in search of gold and jewellery).

The town square is alive with numerous cultural events throughout the summer – Bansko Jazz Fest, attracting tens of thousands of people, the Opera Fest, many concerts and shows. Museums and exhibitions attract history and art lovers, the main street is buzzing with people shopping or relaxing in the little cafes in the sunshine.
Local taverns tempt the visitor’s senses with mouth watering views and smells of traditional Bulgarian specialties.

The area is a paradise for outdoor and adventure lovers. Pirin Mountain Range offers endless opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and climbing. The natural beauty of the area attracts not only the keen mountaineer, but also families, rare plant and bird watchers, and picnic lovers.
The Gondola is open in the busy periods and gives people easy (and environmentally friendly) access to the mountain to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, the sounds of the birds, mountain streams and the odd bumble bee!

So we, as a part of the local community and local tourist businesses, have also had a very successful summer and could not be happier about how things are going!

Well done, Bansko!

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